Mini Trip to 🇧🇪

Here is how my mini trip to Belgium turned out!

First of all, lets discuss the weather. It was snowing guys! I know its basically still winter but I really wasn’t ready for the snow, I didn’t even take suitable clothing so I was freezing in every possible way :(. #Tip1: check the weather forecast of the country you are planning to visit, so you can take the appropriate clothing.

Before disappearing off to your journey, I really recommend that you download the TripAdvisor app. This really helped me in locating the top destinations to visit during my trip. Another useful app to download is UberI’m not sure if they have it in every country but they had it in Belgium and it was life saver! I personally prefer ubers than taxis because taxis tend to charge you so much more.

#Tip2: check the time you can check in for the place you are staying at! Example, when booking a flight ticket also take into consideration the time you can check into the place you are staying at. For example you may arrive at your destined country at 10am but the hotel reception check in times may be from 3pm till late, what will you be doing from 10am to 3pm ??

In terms of finding a place to stay at during your travels, there are many places where you can find places to accommodate you. For example Airbnb, courchsuring (app) and hostels. img_0196However I opted for the traditional route of booking a hotel. I managed to secure a hotel for 2 nights and 3 days at Bedford Hotel & Congress Centre which cost me €119 (£103). The hotel included free wifi and a breakfast buffet.

#Tip3: Plan your journey beforehand! Here is where TripAdvisor came into action. The day before I arrived in Belgium, I planned my trip. Where I wanted to go, what I wanted to see and what I wanted to eat. The TripAdvisor app provides you with all the addresses of the locations that you may want to visit, so you don’t have to stress yourself trying to locate a place.

Here is a list of all the places that I visited. 







  • Frit Flagey

    (The chips here tasted so good! I’m not a huge fan of mayonnaise sauce but this sauce one was something else, beautiful! I definitely recommend visiting this place if you decide to go to Brussels.)



  • Le Pain Quotidien

    (This Curry Pot Pie that I ate was honestly delicious, my sister can even vouch for me because I was on facetime to her whilst eating this and I kept on telling her how good it tasted, and the baguettes complimented the meal so well, also very filling! Props to the cook!)

    IMG_0164 ed.jpg



I also manged to try some of Belgium’s infamous waffles, chocolates and even beer (not a beer person at all! But it doesn’t hurt to try new things 😊).




I’ll catch up with y’all next time x 


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