A year abroad – my experience so far 

So technically it’s coming up to two months since I’ve moved to Spain and there has been a lot going on, here are a few things about this city and what I’ve been getting up to.

Madrid is beautiful!! It is rich in history, tradition and culture. There are actually so many lovely places to see, especially the parks and so many things to do such as shopping, touring and more! The weather is beautiful as well, although it isn’t as hot as it was during September, it’s actually still pretty warm. 


 This is the view from outside my bedroom!

This is just a glimpse of the university I attend in Spain, can you see how beautiful it is please 😭😍. Personally, this is the most beautiful university I’ve seen. European University of Madrid. 

This card is everythinggg! Compared to the expensive adult Oyster cards that Londoners use, the Madrid transport card is much more cheaper. €20 for 30 days to travel anywhere in Madrid, what a saver!


 The metro and buses are fast, efficient, clean and safe. One thing  that I love when I get on the metro is the amount of talent that I see. Here is just one of many!

I got the chance to attend my first Color Run race by Skittles here in Madrid.The Color Run is one of the worlds most unique and largest 5k run. Celebrating happiness, healthiness and friendships. It was GREAT! I’m not

really a sporty person but it was fun and very enjoyable. I loved seeing the amount of children and families coming together and enjoying themselves, positive vibes only.
I suggest everyone try and get involved in 2017s Color Run. In order to register visit http://thecolorrun.co.uk/.


Madrid also offers an inspiration of art, the museums are jam packed with history and story telling. Museo Sorolla offers a beautiful outside garden where you can relax and enjoy the historical scenery. 

I’ve still got so much more to see and do and I’ll definitely keep you updated!

See ya x

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